Ms. Nieves, you crossed my mind, and I gave you a search on Google, and as your former student from your Playwriting class at LICHS (class of '18), I am certainly glad I did!

This piece was the first of your works on your profile I'd given a read, and I had to comment.

I wanted to add that Kanye is also known to have synesthesia, which you might be aware is almost 3x as common in people on the spectrum as it is in the general population. In fact, something like 19% of people with autism or on the spectrum have synesthesia!

I'd have to agree that the man's extraordinary nature, musical prowess, unique means of communication, and synesthesia make a compelling case that there might exist that "trapped Kanye" locked in a forever battle with the Kanye we've come to know and love, but also misunderstand every day. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece!



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Josh Sierra-Carter

An Afro-Puerto Rican born, raised, and residing in Brooklyn who can write their a** off. Double major in English & Poli Sci at Howard University. (He/Him)